How many hours should one study for judicial services examination?

 It is not enough to be busy…, the question is what are we busy about ?

This quote by Henry David Thoreau pretty much answers the question.

Judicial Services Examination requires a student to meticulously plan and consistently put efforts to read, learn, apply and assess during the preparation period. Only the number of hours or the general duration of study seating isn’t a good measure of efficiency. It must be accompanied with a well focused, well directed , active and mindful learning. In simpler words, daydreaming on your study table isn’t counted !

Here are factors that matter more than the number of hours of study :

  • How well you understand the subtopic ? – Try visual formats / flowcharts / discussions
  • How long you will retain it ? – Try learning with the help of mnemonics, acronyms etc
  • How quickly can you revise it in future ? – You must plan for quicker future revision.
  • How enjoyable your modality of learning is ? – Smart innovative learning keeps you motivated and interested.
  • Your most efficient time of the day must be be spent on most prioritised topics. Here is a glimpse of the Urgent- Important Matrix to help you prioritise right.


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 The distribution of the time to be dedicated on subjects must be strategic as per the requirements of the state syllabus and pattern.
Techniques like Pomodoro Technique and Batching can be of help.
However, if there still Is a need to demarcate a threshold duration cutoff, a duration less
than 5 hours of study seating is not far from risky. The same can be adapted while in job,
or during their curriculum. However towards the proximity of the exams, there remains a
demand to enhance the number of hours drastically for quicker and multiple revisions.
Do not get baffled with the herd mentality, seek proper advise from someone who has
secured a rank themselves. The competition is getting difficult day by day with more
people seeking for a purpose driven and stable government jobs. So the quintessential
advice is to not just study hard, but to study smart.
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