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Edzorb law is a Self-study Companion for Judicial Aspirant from all across India. It is an App based one stop solution providing multiple smart study plans to enable aspirants to secure their seats very early within their 1st year of preparation.

You can use the Edzorb law app on a maximum of 2 devices. It is strictly for personal use at a non-overlapping time. But the simultaneous usage is not allowed. One premium account is meant for one user only. Also, sharing the account is against our terms and conditions; account blockage will be there without any prior warning.

  • A lot of research and learning has gone into creating Edzorb Law App, which has enabled us to build an Evidence-Based approach best suited for the latest judicial services examination.
  • Our team of toppers and faculty regularly updates the content to reflect the latest exam patterns and question trends. Provisions of creative flashcards, Mind-maps, & Visual conceptual QBank Concepts enable completion of subjects much earlier than traditional coaching institutes.
  • Being a digital platform, we are not limited by geography. We have the best teachers from across India in all subjects in one platform. You can prepare from wherever you are, and revise as many times as you need.
  • The QBank is a collection of highly selected 10000+ MCQs with Visual & Conceptual explanations. These are highly retainable. This makes sure that you solve MCQS, and not just read them. Reading alone will not make your exam ready.
  • You can also see your performance’s data-based Personalized Analysis, which will accurately show you your weak spots.

You can reset your password by clicking here.

The post sent by the Edzorb law are reminders to be updated on new schedules, tests, or initiatives made live by the Edzorb Law Team.

Yes, Edzorb law app is a one-stop solution for complete Judicial Services Preparation from Prelims to Interview. Repeated results are proof that Edzorb law app can enable the students to not just secure a rank, but to secure them early without wasting years on the traditional preparation methods.

Edzorb law app is a self-study companion irrespective of whether you are a student pursuing LLB, an aspirant enrolled in a coaching centre, or someone preparing while managing a job.You can utilize your time with Edzorb Law’s assigned guided strategies & modules which will enable earliest results in Judicial Services Examination.

Yes, you can access the enormous MCQ Factory and popular QBank Visual Concepts to clear the exam at one go entirely.

You can choose the Edzorb Plansaccording to your requirements. With the best Plans, you are provided with Conceptual Modules, Retention Hacks, Mindmaps, Flashcards and Personalised Monitoring and Guidance to maximize your outcome every day. You can plan your schedule with strategic consultants and plan for Massive Edge over other candidates.



Premium plus subscription

  • QBank Concept
  • EPIC Mains Test Series
  • Prelims Grand Test Series
  • Edzorb Treasures
  • Case Law Flashcards
  • PYP Flashcards
  • Legal SoulSpeak Podcast
  • MCQ Factory
  • Doubt Discussions & Personalized Mentorship


Premium subscription

  • QBank Concepts
  • EPIC Mains Test Series
  • Prelims Grand Test Series
  • Edzorb Treasures
  • Case Law Flashcards
  • PYP Flashcards


Pro plan


  • EPIC Mains Test Series
  • Prelims Grand Test Series
  • Post Test Guidance

You will receive an activation mail a few seconds after making a successful payment. Your account will get activated within 10-15 minutes.

Yes! The EMI option can be availed. The availability & offerings are subject to banks partnered with the payment gateway. To find out more, go ahead to the purchase page and select the EMI option to see the banks and the offerings.

There is no cash payment option, as we believe in full transparency and accountability. Once payment is made, you will get the invoice in your email.

You can upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus Plans on Edzorb Law. You can seek assistance for the same on supportedzorblaw.com

Yes, you will be getting a special discount if you buy any of the Edzorb Law plans as a group of more than five students. For more details on group purchase plans, please write to support@edzorblaw.com with your contact details.

The only course available for eighteen Months is the Edzorb Law Junior Course which is provided for students from 1st year to 5th Year of LLB, only after strict Identity Verification. No other courses have this validity as the Candidates are propelled to securing their seats within 1 year.

Discounts are available as coupons, and you can apply by tapping at apply coupon at the time of purchase.

No. Single Subject Modules are not available.

All plans with Edzorb Law will be customized to the Candidate’s preference of State. Although, with advanced Plans, multiple States can be targeted by the Aspirant.


Q-Bank Concepts

  • 10000+ Judicial Services Concepts in Q & A Format curated by country’s best faculties and top rank holders across the country.
  • Each Concept –  Bare Act Simplification, Case Laws, Inter subject linkage, Current Affair, and Comparative Analysis &Visual Learning for long term retainability.
  • Ideally, an aspirant must ensure coverage of at least 120+ concepts per day, in 5-6 hours. 
  • Record Maintainance – Jot down Key Points of all new concepts learnt in a day. Revise this before bedtime.
  • Plan for Round Two Revision of QBank after every month. 

No, we do not provide QBank Concepts in a PDF file due to piracy issues. The complete content is available online on Edzorb Law App, which can be revised any number of times.

You can click on the comment section to report any error or inform about the same at support@edzorblaw.com.

No, the QBank Concepts display the explanations immediately after solving the questions.

A bookmark button will be provided very soon for better revision of solved questions.

Since all the MCQs in the QBank are provided with visual and conceptual explanations, a student does not need to spend time for reference from book/ notes/ internet. Thus, it helps in saving time.

Each QBank Concept comes with complete coverage of the topics. This includes

  • Bare Act simplification,
  • Case Laws,
  • Inter subject linkage,
  • Current Affair, and
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Visual Learningfor long term retainability,

 This is not included in any book.

Visual Learning in QBank are simplified, comical, illustrations depicting Bare Acts/ Examples that help understand and remember any concept for a very long time.

Yes, all the relevant Bare Acts and Case Laws are mentioned after MCQ wherever need be.

QBank Concept is based upon an Integrated Mains plus Prelims approach.

Integrated method allows a student to understand all Mains related concepts, Value Additions, Applicative Laws, Subject Inter-linkages by simultaneously solving objective pattern questions for Prelims. The best advantage of Integrated approach is that it makes a student exam ready in few months time unlike years of preparation with traditional approach.

A minimum of 50 QBank Concepts per day in the first week with the consistent effort of 80 per day by the second week is the best approach which will ultimately be more than 100 by the third week. We have also seen topper saying that they have solved 200-300 QBank Concepts per day in the last few months.

Epic Mains Test Series

Edzorb Pro Plan = Epic Mains Test Series + Prelims Grand Test Series

Epic Mains Test Series consists of 8 Answer Writing Tests, 4 Judgment Writing Tests, 4 Essay Writing Tests and 4 Translation/ Summary.  These are customized to state-specific pattern.

  • Line to line evaluation by Judicial Experts
  • Complete commentary and feedback on Content-Enrichment, Answer Structure, Engagement and Lexicon.
  • Personalised Zoom Sessions with Mentors (Practicing Judicial Officers) for guided improvement.
  • Hand holding approach till Mains Examination.

The Question Paper will be provided as per the schedule. The Answers to the Questions must be neatly written down on plain A4 size sheets in legible handwriting. Attempt All Questions. Ensure 1-inch Margin on the Left side of the paper. This area will be utilized to add remarks wherever necessary. The submissions must be made within the stipulated time by after scanning and PDF conversion. The Evaluation of the Papers will take place on First Cum First Serve Basis.

Epic Mains Test Series is included in all Premium Plans.

To only take up Epic Mains Test Series, you have to subscribe for Edzorb Pro Plan.

  • Content Enrichment- Value additions, Case Laws, Subject Interlinkage, Current Affairs Interlinkage, Lexicon.
  • Structure and Framework- Flow, Engagement, Beginning and Ending the answers.

Prelims Grand Test Series

No, it is not available separately. It is one of the ingredients of all Edzorb Law Plans.

  • Better understanding of the State SpecificPriority T
  • Better Time management and accuracy. 
  • Reduced exam fear and
  • Identification of weak areas to
  • Improvement of Elimination Technique and Education Guesses.
  • Try to Prepare for each Mock Test in totality.
  • Ambience: Noise Free, Undisturbed, away from other devices
  • Timings: As per Actual exam Timings ( preferable )
  • Recommended: Laptop over Mobile Phones.
  • Improvement begins when exam ends.
  • Review the Report in two criteria: Subject wise Analysis, Time based Analysis.
  • Identify critical weak areas and target your improvement (subject/ time).

Edzorb Junior

It is a foundation plan for LLB studentsto enable early preparation for Judicial Services Examination, anytime, anywhere.

The validity of the Edzorb Junior Plan is 16 months.

  • 10000+ QBank Conceps
  • Past Year Papers
  • Mains Answer Writing Training
  • Drafting, Moot Training
  • Legal Lexicon Training
  • Extended Validity – 16 months

The Edzorb Junior Plan can be subscribed only and only by providing complete identity verification (College ID card, National ID card) via link to Application Form or via request on support@edzorblaw.com.

No, Sharing of subscription to another aspirant will lead to account blockage or freezing with or without notice.

It will enable you to understand the repeated framework and pattern of Judicial Services Examination. Each Visual Concept can be covered step-by-step to build strong foundations very early in the preparation.

Yes, Edzorb Law Junior can be taken up with EMI Option via the  Payment Gateway. However, this currently is provided only on few credit cards via the Bank Partners. EMI via Debit Card of limited Bank Partners will be available from 1st of February, 2021. 

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