Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – November 27th – Mixed Bag

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1. A magistrate cannot order further investigation under section 156(3) of the Code o f Criminal Procedure in relation to public servant in the absence o f valid sanction. The statement is 


2. Under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection o f Children) Act, 2015 “serious offences” –  


3. The Supreme Court recently refused to entertain a petition to include women in State Cabinets. The statement is 


4. Which of the following is the competent Court to try the offence under section 326A and section326B o f the Indian Penal Code? 


5.  In Shatrughan Chauhan v Union of India, the Supreme Court held that it is necessary that a minimum period of …………….. days be stipulated between the receipt of communication of the rejection of the mercy petition and the scheduled date of execution for the following reasons. 


6. Which of the following statements is correct? 


7. Facts can be ……………… 


8. A decree becomes final  


9.  Which one of the following is the best statement about the Indian Contract Act?


10. Transfer of Property passes forthwith all interest except 



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