Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – November 25th – Mixed Bag

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1. The Supreme Court clarified that in case there is connectivity problems due to geographical location or there is some other unavoidable difficulty,the time for uploading FIRs can be extended up t o hours. 


2. Under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 “orphan” means a child—

(i) who is without biological or adoptive parents or legal guardian.

(ii) whose legal guardian is not willing to take, or capable of taking care of the child

(iii) who is declared as “orphan” by the Child Welfare Committee. 


3. The Supreme Court in its August 11, 2015 judgment held that the production of an Aadhaar card will not be a condition for obtaining any benefits otherwise due to a citizen. The statement is 


4. What is the minimum punishment provided for the offence under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code? 


5. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court held that ‘Article 21 rights inheres in a convict till his last breath, even after rejection of the mercy petition by the President, the convict can approach a writ court for commutation of the death sentence on the ground of supervening events, if available, and challenge the rejection of the mercy petition and legal aid should be provided to the convict at all stages’? 


6. External acts are called 


7. The word ‘hear say’ is used in the sense ……………  


8. Decree can b e ……………………. 


9. Indian Contract Act contains sections 


10. Registered means registered in 



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