Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – November 21st – Mixed Bag

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1. The Supreme Court has held that a magistrate can grant permission to the complainant to conduct the prosecution independently. The statement is 


2. Which is correct? 


3. Which of the following Supreme Court appointed panel suggested suspending driving license for a minimum of 3 months for traffic violations including over speeding and red light jumping?


4. As per the Guidelines issued by the Supreme Court ‘no acid shall be sold to any person who is below ………………….years of age’. 


5. Can a criminal prosecution be stayed by the High Courts on grounds of defects/omissions or errors in the order granting sanction to prosecute including errors of jurisdiction to grant such sanction?


6. ‘Crime is an act committed or omitted in violation of public law forbidding or commanding it’. This definition is given by 


7. The function of a court of justice is……………


8. The provision for lodging a caveat (under section 148A) is inserted by which of the following amendments?


9. When there are two obligations on each party to the contract at the time of the formation of the contract, it is called 


10. Transfer of property by a minor, on attainment of his majority is 



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