Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – February 20th – Mixed Bag

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1. In which of the following cases has the Supreme Court held that if a single parent/unwed mother applies for the issuance of a Birth Certificate for a child born from her womb, the authorities concerned may only require her to furnish an affidavit to this effect, and must thereupon issue the Birth Certificate, unless there is a Court direction to the contrary?


2. The Supreme Court of which of the following countries, on 26th June 2015, had ruled same-sex marriage as legal?


3. Which of the following National Entrance Examination was cancelled by the Supreme Court?


4. Who among the following Judges was not a part of the 5-member Constitution Bench which heard the petitions challenging the validity of Judicial Appointment Commission?


5. Which of the following High Courts, in May 2015, held that, “being Maoist is not a crime”?


6. Which of the following National Law School/University started a Death Penalty Clinic and intervened in many Death Penalty Cases before the Supreme Court?


7. Who among the following has challenged the constitutionality of Sections 153, 153A, 153B, 295A, 298 and 505 of the Indian Penal Code, relating to hate speeches, before the Supreme Court of India?