Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – December 10th – Mixed Bag

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1. A sessions court can take cognizance o f new offences and add new accused under section……………… CrPC, even when the magistrate had rejected the prayer earlier. 


2. Where a child alleged to be in conflict with law is produced before Board- 


3. Who among the following has approached the Supreme Court of India to bring political parties under the RTI Act? 


4. When a man monitors a woman by the use o f the internet, email or any other form o f electronic communication, he commits the offence of 


5.  In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court held that if the dismissal of the first complaint is not on merits but the dismissal is for the default of the complainant then there is no bar in the filing a second complaint on the same facts. However if the dismissal of the complaint under section 203 of the Code was on merits the position will be different? 


6. Which of the following elements constitute actus reus?


7.  Evidence may be given in a suit or proceedings of ……………..  


8. An ex parte decree can be set aside on the ground that  


9. The term ‘proposal or offer’ has been defined in Section 


10. Transfer of immovable property by transferors of distinct interest is in 



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