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Smart Modules, Flashcards, Mocks, Notes, Podcast Episodes for Judicial Services Preparation personally Guided by Mentors and Strategists
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Prelims & Mains Test Series

Prelims – Four Standardized stimulator Tests according to individual state PCSJ Pattern with comprehensive performance analytics

Mains –   First time ever, personalised evaluations with value additions and model answers for Answer Writing, Judgement Writing, Essay writing and Translation.

Concept Building - Edzorb QBank

10000+ retainable Concept notes of Visual Bare Act simplification, Case Laws, Subject Interlinkage, Current Affairs , Comparative Analysis in Q & A format, for both Prelims and Mains.

Most popular and meticulously utilized by students.

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Best Doubt Support and Peer Guidance

We do not leave you confused. Your Doubts will be cleared within 24 hours on Social Media and the App.

Interested in Getting Free Judiciary Preparation Guidance?
Other Features

Flashcard Series

PYP Flashcards - Frequently repeated one liners from past year papers. Case Law Flashcards - One stop solution for all subject segregated Case Laws.


Creatively, hand curated summaries of various elaborate concepts. Most often utilized to revise GK and Science topics as per standard exam requirements.

Podcast Series

How long can you strain your eyes with long duration studies? Our Podcast series are ready to plugin concepts that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.


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Shristi Jharkhand Judicial Services

Edzorb Law is the perfect choice if you intend to be self reliant in this Judicial services preparation.I practiced their Question Bank Solutions, I was entirely confident on my preparation, as most of it I retained well. Once I enrolled into Edzorb, I never felt the need to spend lakhs on classroom coaching unnecessarily, I was also off all 6 non credible online sources.

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Megha Madhya Pradesh Judical Services

I personally utilised Edzorb QBank to thoroughly analyze all past year papers. Bookmark Feature helped me revise difficult topics towards the end. I handpicked notes from their Qualitative Solutions and merged it together with my own notes. Saves time towards the end.

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Gouransh Tripura Judical Services

For me consistency and your unshakable pillar of belief is the key. With QBank, I could set realistic targets and deliver. Digital Learning definitely has an advantage. I solved and completed approx of 200 MCQs per day uninterrupted while commuting, travelling etc. Their interval tests helped me assess my weak points, so I prioritize my hard work in those Improvement areas. Very personlised!

Satyabhama Kaushikiei NLSRU Ranchi

I am still a final-year student. I feel Edzorb is a very excellent platform for self-study. It helps me in reading precise content, revisiting it multiple times. I can see the sincere efforts of the team in formulating the answers, which while reading, the concepts get revised automatically.

Karishma Sharma NLS Bangalore

An exceptional creation, a breakthrough in legal education. The dream of becoming a judicial officer seems achievable. Fortunate to be supported by a team of very passionate and dedicated members who are well versed in their jobs.

Premanshu Tiwari

Makes my preparation easy and productive. The team very supportive and helpful and boost up my confidence. I will definitely make my dream into reality in the coming MP CJ exam.

M Vishnu

Content and the material, I personally feel have increased my retention capacity a lot. Thanks to Visual representation.

Bhumika O P Jindal

Conceptual clarity they provide and the general resultant ease with which I can understand. Once I started, I knew I had hit a gold mine. The Pandemic made feel so disheartened, I am sailing my own ship and I feel proud of it.

Nishtha Singh

The Content is fun, interactive, knowledgeable and everything as an aspirant can ask for.

Ashish Raj Tripathi

The content is really good. The explanation with graphics in toto engages you. Consistent review and Feedback from toppers.

Surbhi Kasaudhan

“Thank you” from the bottom of my heart to the Edzorb Law team, which is continuing to educate students during these challenging times. In the computer science world, our work would not be possible without your dedication, hard work, passion, and humor, and I am proud to be part of this amazing faculty.

Roohi Khan

I managed to clear Bihar Prelims within 2 months by utilizing the QBank. Initially, it was difficult to stick to the allotted schedule, later i picked up. Revising the GK Mind-maps, Flashcards as I was told, helped me.

Abhimanyu Kumar

Edzorb Law was an indispensable study source for me. I gained massive support for my Bihar Mains and I feel confident now.

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