Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – January 18th – Mixed Bag

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1. In which o f the following cases has the Supreme Court directed the Law Commission o f India to examine various issues relating to the working o f Tribunals including the desirability o f providing statutory appeals directly to the Supreme Court from orders of Tribunals on issues not affecting national or public interest and other aspects o f statutory framework in respect o f Tribunals?


2. In Vasanth K um ar’s case, the Supreme Court has referred to 11 questions relating to ………………………. for the consideration o f a constitution bench.


3. The Supreme Court has held that the office o f an MLA cannot be termed as “Occupation” under Article 19(l)(g) of the Constitution o f India. The statement is


4. The Supreme Court gave directions to proceed against the erring prosecutors and Investigating Officers in cases of unmerited acquittals and wrongful convictions in


5. The Supreme Court has held that retired employees are also entitled to get protection u/s 197 o f the CrPC in


6. In which o f the following cases has the Constitution Bench o f the Supreme Court held that while multiple sentences for imprisonment for life can be awarded for multiple murders or other offences punishable with imprisonment for life, the life sentences so awarded cannot be directed to ran consecutively.


7. An amendment to a complaint is permissible in law, notwithstanding the absence o f an enabling provision in the CrPC, if it relates to a simple infirmity. The statement is