Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – February 23rd – Mixed Bag

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1. According to the National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill 2014, the Chief Justice of India shall be appointed on the basis of  _______


2. While making recommendation for appointment of a High Court Judge, which of the following shall be considered?


3. National Judicial Commission shall not recommend a person for appointment if any __________ member/s of the Commission do/does not agree for such recommendation.


4. The Commission shall seek nomination from the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court for the purpose of recommending for appointment a person to be a Judge of that High Court. The statement is


5. Before making any nomination for High Court Judge, the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court shall consult _________ senior-most Judges of that High Court.


6. The Commission shall elicit in writing the views of the _______ concerned before recommending the names for appointment as High Court Judges.


7. Which of the following Statements are true and correct regarding the power of President on appointment of Judges?