Daily Quiz for Judiciary Exam Preparation – December 29th – Mixed Bag

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1. In which of the following cases has the Supreme Court observed that the payment of the cheque amount and compounding of offences could be made online? 


2. Whoever uses a chil8, for vending, peddling, carrying, supplying or smuggling any intoxicating liquor, narcotic drug or psychotropic substance, under section 78 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, 


3. National Judicial Commission shall not recommend a person for appointment if any …………….member/s of the Commission do/does not agree for such recommendation. 


4. When a man, applies his mouth to the vagina, anus, urethra of a woman or makes her to do so with him or any other person, he is punishable under 


5. Can a statutory investigation agency be directed to obtain financial assistance from private parties for meeting the expenses of investigation?  


6. The doctrine of mens rea is incorporated in the Indian Penal Code …….   


7. In case of mandatory presumptions 


8. Does the definition of decree as given under section 2(2) of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 also cover a decision of a Tribunal passed under a special statute?


9. A tender is 


10. A vested interest created in favour of an unborn person comes under section 



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