10 Days to Bihar PCSJ Exam – Tips to Study Smarter

Dear Aspirants, 

Bihar PCSJ Examinations are around the corner. Your time is incredibly valuable now. How you distribute your time may help you bounce back with a strong delivery on the day of the examination. 

Bihar PCSJ exam - Study tips_

Let’s have a look at how you must utilise these last few days.

1) Divide First Revision for 7 days, Second Revision in 2 days, and last quick Revision on the last day.

2) Organise exactly what you need to revise on the last three days. There is no time to waste. Summarise, Summarise, Summarise. Notes into sheets, Concepts to mind maps, Assemble Charts, Tables. 

Premium users must quickly revise all Case Law, PYP Flashcards. List down new Case Laws as One liners for last moment revision. 

Reason : 

  • Bihar Prelims averages 12 – 20 Case Law related Questions. 
  • 10 – 15 Questions are expected from Sections/ Articles/ Sub sections/ Orders. ( One liner Questions )

3) Constitution ( in depth ), Contracts, Torts – Have contributed approximately 45 % weightage in recent times. Ignoring Constitution means you are not serious about your exams.  Edzorb QBank must be utilised to revise these subjects as all Bihar high priority concepts have been smartly covered within it.

4) Important Personalities contributing to major judgements, observations, theories have gained recent emphasis in Bihar. You can expect 3-5 Questions from these areas.

5) General Science, Current Affairs : Plays a major role in Bihar. If you haven’t dedicated enough time to this, GO SMART NOW. Assemble lists, tabulations or study materials on the following topics for a start : 

Physics : Measurement Units/ SI Units, Energy waves, Nuclear Reactors, Fundamental theories in physics

Chemistry : Ingredient Chemicals in Products, Physical/Chemical properties such melting point, boiling point, densities

History : Equally distributed Questions from Ancient – Basic Art/ Architecture, Medieval – Important Kingdoms, capitals, Forts, Prominent Rulers, Heritage sites, Religion Founders – sites, dates etc and Modern – Major initiators/ contributors in sessions/councils.

Geography – State boundaries, mineral sites, rivers and tributaries, headquarters of organisations, forests/ sanctuaries/ lakes/ forts.

Current Affairs – Important International event sites like conventions/sports/summits, Recent award winners,Discoverers/ Inventors, Prominent Books & Authors, Recent Place Nomenclature changes, Government schemes/ yojnas/ Festivals, Founders/ State specific facts.

Free and Premium Treasures encompass many such topics in easy palatable format. Utilise them.

6) Practice timed Mock Tests/ Past year papers as you require to be a quick reader on the day of exam. Delay in Question interpretation & Time shortage may be a problem for few. These also help you understand the exact exam layout.

7) Exercise in small 5 mins intervals to keep your brain oxygenated, Drink water in plentiful, Mediate of 5 mins to keep a check on your anxiety/stress, Boost yourself with positive videos/ guidance, Eat with small servings and increased frequency rather than high gap heavy meals, most importantly stay safe from seasonal variations/ prevalent food, air, water infections.

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