Achiever’s Mains Program for Judicial Services

Philosophy behind AMP – Achievers Mains Program – Writing and Evaluation ( A FREE INITIATIVE)

  1. To provide for an Ice-Breaker platform for students who run away from Answer writing for months and months.
  2. Permitting more and more Practice of one’s ability to effectively and convincingly express your knowledge on paper, within a stipulated time.
  3. Exposure to Quality Questions which must be prepared for by Judicial Services Aspirants.
  4. Allow Peer reviewing to complement and expand your understanding on these key areas.

How does AMP – (Achievers Mains Program – Writing and Evaluation) work?

  1. We post Questions, you write and Upload the Answers.
  2. Your answers get reviewed by your peers, and you get access to answers written by your fellow aspirants. You learn and revise in this process.
  3. Intention is to make Answer Writing an addictive habit so that such practice keeps you confident and grounded for Mains.

Highlights of Edzorb Law AMP (Achievers Mains Program – Writing and Evaluation)

  1. Program Starts from 1st May, 2021. It will run daily by distributing equal time for all formats of the Paper namely Answer Writing, Essay Writing, Judgement Writing and Translation Summary.
  2. Alternate days are holidays, to allow time for revision and improvement.
  3. Your answers will be reviewed by your peers. Best answers will be featured and reviewed by the Edzorb Law Team.

Candidates who demonstrate Consistency in Answer writing, actively participate in the program, and get their answers featured on regular basis will get a call (guidance) from the core team of Edzorb Law.

We are going to invest effort into the best Quality of Questions for you to practice, we have over time managed to get the best out of students and we hope that you reciprocate with regular determined efforts from your side.

October 2023

To get ahead, you need to get started.
Get Started with Mains Answer Writing without excuses.

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