What are Legal Updates?

Legal Update is a repository of current and relevant rulings from the Supreme Court and the State High Courts. It is a bundle of technical findings transformed into comprehensible snippets to upgrade our legal awareness multi-folds. 

 It is an innovative source of enhancing our legal knowledge with the key features such as-

  • Translated Legalese 
  • Legal provisions – Highlighted 
  • Fundamentals of Law

Here are Three Reasons why you must read Legal Updates regularly as a Judicial Services Aspirant :


  1.  Citation in Legal Essays:  Social Essays allow a myriad of ideological, theoretical, and psychological citations, unlike Legal Essays. Hence Citations from Recent Updates is a must to add worth.
  1. In Mains Answer Writing :  
  •  Legal Updates may occasionally be directly quoted and asked as subjective questions.
  •  They act as important value additions, also depicting the eccentricity of your knowledge and therefore make your answers distinguishable.
  •  Quoting High Court Judgments is additionally marks- fetching in the respective state exams. 
  1. Judgment Writing:  Regular Legal Updates aid in acquiring and mastering the lexicon sub-structure. Also, it must be as per the recent amendments.
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